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How does Miracle Mill approach mobile developments


The development technologies that Miracle Mill uses are diverse and highly dependent on the application requirements, but we have found that this approach fits most clients, and we use it as our go-to framework:

Using only web-based components

Our first approach is to use web-based components to create a responsive, installable application. The approach is only applicable if the application does not need many native device capabilities. Building apps with only web-based components simplifies the requirements and work needed and ensures functionality on most devices. Web applications can reach anyone, anywhere, and on any device, all with a single code base.

Using web-based and native components

In this case, the application requires more control over the device itself. The web-based component will be built on top of native components for iOS and Android, which can be built using Swift and Objective-C or Kotlin and Java, respectively.

Using only native components

Some types of applications require in-depth device control and thus will need to be completely natively built. This means that each platform (Web, iOS, Android) will have its own custom codebase, which needs to be maintained and updated separately.

Once we find the right approach for the requirements, we can start the development of the application. After first assigning the right team, all our processes can be put into place. The first one is the kick-off process, where everyone is introduced, the Scrum ceremonies are set up and the plan is shared with everyone involved.

Our clients are involved in the entire process from day one. By using the Agile methodology, we iterate together with the client and from the start, and we make sure we are building what the end-users need. Every feature is discussed in the amount of detail required and prioritized. The development of solutions is done by following DevOps principles and the AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices, and a CI/CD pipeline is set up from the start. With the help of AWS services like AWS CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy, building a pipeline becomes a much easier process.

With our serverless approach, we develop web and mobile applications using well-thought-out processes and following the AWS Well-Architected framework best practices. Our AWS certified developers will deliver secure applications that scale from prototypes to solutions for thousands of users all around the world, using the latest cloud technologies.

As an example of our approach in mobile development, take a look at Fictional Factory's Billminimizer application and how we build and implemented the solution for them. Which consisted of two parts. First to build a CMS, and secondly to build the Web Application. Miracle Mill made sure to deliver a meaningful digital customer experience to the end-users of Fictional Factory.

Do you have an application you want to develop, to have it available on various devices, and not to worry about availability and scalability? Contact us today and find out how we can turn your idea into reality!

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