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Paving the way to better customer engagement with Amazon Pinpoint


Working in an industry where customer engagement is key, finding the right services and tools for the internal processes at Spike Diamond is essential. Increasing the click-through rates of e-mail and push notification campaigns and increasing the average visits per customer was critical to the success of Holler — and an ideal application of Amazon Pinpoint.

About Spike Diamond

Spike Diamond is a UK-based publisher known for online publications such as Holler Country, an online magazine covering news and insights from the world of country music.

The Challenge

After doing research on the available tools to send personalized e-mail, push notifications and SMS, Holler faced difficulties finding a system that will integrate well with their existing workflow and services.

The main goal for Holler was to increase customer engagement by delivering the right content to the right people as quickly as possible, on both desktop and mobile through the channels that are best for each customer.

The business also needed an easy way to share their content with their users without too much effort from their team.

The Solution

After discussing their existing setup and the improvements and changes they want, it was established that Amazon Pinpoint is the perfect fit for them.

Amazon Pinpoint was implemented to allow Holler to send content through e-mail, and push notifications on desktop and mobile containing personalized content from their website based on each user’s preferences.

Since the application is a Progressive Web App, it allowed users to install it on their mobile devices and receive notifications with the latest content, as well as access and read content while offline.

By using Amazon Pinpoint combined with a headless CMS - Sanity, PCG was able to provide an easy-to-build newsletter directly in their CMS. Their team is now able to provide the content inside of the CMS and link their existing content without the need to rewrite or re-upload images in multiple places while keeping the design consistent throughout.

Amazon Pinpoint was also implemented to send out various push notifications to users who subscribed to them. This fits perfectly with Holler’s main purpose to bring the latest news and insights to their customers.

Results and Benefits

By implementing the integration with Sanity CMS and Pinpoint for email communication with the customers, the results were immediately noticeable. The campaigns created a high engagement rate, increased the number of page visits per customer, and increased the average session duration on their website.

The integration also resulted in a better workflow for the employees, and an easy way to communicate with their clients.

Additionally, Amazon Pinpoint’s analytics enabled the business to get detailed insights into the performance of each touchpoint with their customers and therefore provided the possibility to optimize them and further improve the engagement rates.

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