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Online Management of Chrome OS in Education

The Google Chrome Education Upgrade can become a real "game changer" for educational institutions. In our blog post you can find out more about when you as a school or university should equip your Chromebooks with the management licence, what advantages this offers and how you can use the full potential of the devices for everyday teaching.

What is the Google Chrome Education Upgrade?

Chromebooks equipped with the Google Chrome Education Upgrade can be managed centrally from an admin console. Once a device is associated with this management licence, it will appear in this console. Administrators can then configure it accordingly online without having to physically carry it with them. Centralised management also means you can manage multiple devices at once. Typically, Chromebooks are assigned to different grades or grades in the admin console. All assigned devices can then be provided with the same settings with just a few clicks. The Chrome Education Upgrade is therefore worthwhile for a larger number of devices, as is typically the case in educational institutions.

What are the benefits of the Chrome Education Upgrade?

In the Google Admin console, more than 100 policies and settings that apply when users such as teachers or students use the devices can be set centrally. The following are particularly interesting for educational institutions:

Deploy apps and applications
Apps, applications and websites can be specified which should already be made available on the device. This allows students (SUS) to get started immediately without having to install anything themselves.

Set start page
When you start the device, the desired application is called up automatically. This can be, for example, the learning management system (LMS) used, such as IServ, mebis, weBBcloud, itslearning, Logineo, Moodle, etc.

Block websites
With SafeSearch or URL Blocking, you can limit which websites the kids can and can't see. In this way, you can prevent access to YouTube or Instagram, for example, if necessary.

Central device lock
Central device locking prevents someone from removing a device from your domain or using it in the event of theft/ lost. You can even choose to only see where to return the device.

Kiosk mode for exams
When used in kiosk mode, children can only see a specified application when starting the device and cannot, for example, research online. This is good for class work or tests.

Use without a Google account
So-called managed guest sessions (Managed Guest Sessions) allow SuS to use Chromebooks without personal registration with a Google account. The managed guest session mode is particularly relevant if the use of Google accounts is not permitted due to corresponding regulations.

You can make or cancel all of these settings with just a few clicks.

Reboot and manage old-school devices with Chrome OS Flex

With the Google Chrome Education Upgrade and free Chrome OS Flex, you can convert and revive old and slow devices like Windows PCs, MacBooks to Chromebooks. You can manage both new and old devices together in the Google Admin console.


Equipping Chromebooks with the Chrome Education Upgrade not only saves a lot of time, but also enormous resources. Thanks to the central online-based administration and the associated usage options, you can safely use Chrome OS even in the lower grades. In addition, the different modes mean more flexibility in learning and teaching.

As an experienced Google for Education partner, we have already supported numerous educational institutions in the introduction and safe use of Chromebooks. We would be happy to advise you without obligation on your individual application.

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