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Return on investment in cloud expertise: PCG receives AWS SAP Competency.

The Public Cloud Group (PCG), a leading player in the European cloud landscape, has been awarded with the AWS SAP Competency,. This designation underlines PCG's outstanding expertise and commitment to innovative cloud solutions that support customers along their entire cloud journey.

PCG achieved next milestone: AWS SAP Competency

The AWS SAP Competency is a significant recognition for PCG. In 2022, PCG already expanded its portfolio to include the strategic partner SAP in addition to specific hyperscaler areas and establishing an independent "SAP Cloud Services" division for customers in the midmarket and enterprise segment.

"The AWS SAP Competency is the proof that we are able to successfully combine the expertise of SAP and AWS for our customers. This is the premier class in which we have invested strategically and consistently over the last few months. We are delighted about achieving this competency," says PCG CEO Thorsten Raquet, explaining the significance of the designation for the cloud service provider.

The business unit “SAP Cloud Services” has grown organically to over 30 experts in recent months. In less than 8 weeks, this highly qualified team has successfully implemented the competency, in the final instance by passing an external audit.

Benefits for PCG customers

The award brings considerable benefits for both existing and new PCG customers. Many experts in the IT industry compare SAP system migrations to "open heart surgery" due to the complexity and individuality of their implementation. Thanks to the audited methodology, strategy, technological expertise and proven practical experience, customers can count on knowing that their sensitive SAP systems are in excellent hands during cloud migrations and during subsequent operation.

Further benefits include access to special AWS support programs that support customers' digital transformation.

AWS emphasizes the importance of the AWS SAP Competency to help SAP customers drive innovation and unlock greater business value with AWS Specialization Partners that have deep technical knowledge and proven customer success with SAP workloads. In combination with the Program Membership as an AWS Managed Service Provider already verified in November 2023, PCG has been awarded two key designations for the operation and migration of systems in its cloud-native portfolio.

Continued growth is on the cards

PCG plans to expand its overall cloud expertise to over 500 experts by the end of 2024, consolidating its position as one of the leading players in Europe with a 100% focus on public cloud solutions.

Another prospect is the official SAP RISE partnership, which is also being evaluated for 2024. With the combination of AWS SAP Service Competency and RISE partnership, This would place PCG in a unique position, as only one other company of this size in Europe has received these certifications to date.

About Public Cloud Group (PCG)

Public Cloud Group (PCG) guides companies along their entire cloud journey through the use of public cloud solutions. As an experienced partner of all relevant hyperscalers (Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft), PCG holds the highest certifications of the respective providers and advises its customers independently.

In addition to Cloud Infrastructure and Modern Workplace, the relevant service areas of the Cloud Journey also include technological focus topics such as Data & AI, Security, Cloud-native Development, SAP Cloud Services and comprehensive operations, known as Managed Cloud Operations.

Today, PCG brings together the expertise of more than 400 cloud experts at numerous locations in Europe.

PCG's more than 1,150 customers include Allianz, BurgerKing, Flaconi, Generali, HelloFresh, KlassikRadio, Linde Group, Lorenz, McDonalds, myposter, N26, Veolia, Viessmann and many other companies, primarily from the upper midmarket as well as public and private educational institutions.

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Alina Schneider

Head of Marketing & Communications
Public Cloud Group GmbH
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