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Public clouds as a “vehicle to the future”

Public Cloud Group (PCG), the only partner in the German-speaking countries to focus 100% on public cloud solutions, is equipping itself to become one of the leading experts on the three most relevant hyperscalers. When it comes to the benefits and services from public clouds, to expertise, and to the development opportunities – including in multi public cloud environments – the group of companies offers its clients in this field a portfolio of unprecedented breadth and depth, all under the one roof.

PCG is resolute in its commitment to everything that companies need over the long term in German-speaking countries (and internationally in the future) for their digital challenges. It offers guidance and support at every step, from cloud-native application development and adaptation to cloud migration and the associated managed cloud services – all under one roof.

PCG also wishes to set new standards for corporate culture and corporate sustainability. The head office of PCG will be located in Ulm.

Public clouds are the next stage of evolution in corporate IT

“Businesses currently have to deal with unprecedented challenges and cannot afford to delay their digital transformation. We support companies with the full range of IT scenarios, starting with SAP transformation in the cloud and extending to cloud-native application development and the digital workplace as well as the public cloud infrastructures needed for it and their operations,” said Oliver Schallhorn, CEO of Public Cloud Group.

“We seek to help our clients to fulfill their existing digital needs in practice and, in doing so, act as a long-term partner for their digital strategy. Public clouds are the vehicle for this,” Schallhorn added.

This is also corroborated by a Gartner study on the subject “Cloud Shift,” published in February 2022, which predicted that more than 51% of corporate IT expenditure will be for digital transformation in public clouds by 2025.


Illustration 1: Oliver Schallhorn, CEO of the Public Cloud Group (PCG)

That means public cloud solutions are not just the latest technological trend. Rather, they are a replacement to data centers and long-standing software solutions, making them the next stage of evolution in corporate IT.

“We are the only company of our type that is completely consistent in its focus on public clouds. For example, when a situation calls for on-premises IT services – which still makes absolute sense in certain situations – we make a conscious choice not to cover these services. Instead, we concentrate solely on the fast-growing share of our clients’ IT that can take place in public clouds. We create the conditions needed for this together with our clients,” said Schallhorn.

Focusing on German-speaking countries – planning for Europe

“It is important right now that we enable state-of-the-art IT for businesses, especially in the German-speaking countries as well as in Europe, so that they can remain competitive and highly innovative in these globally challenging times,” said Schallhorn. Accordingly, PCG focuses primarily on businesses in the German-speaking countries, although in the future it will also expand to other European countries.

PCG’s companies currently have over 150 employees at eight locations in Germany and Austria who look after their clients’ digital transformation journey. This number will increase considerably to approximately 300 public cloud experts by the year’s end.

Integrating and growing together sustainably

“What we have often seen in the IT industry in recent years, and in some cases are certainly witnessing currently, is that IT companies only merge because of their size. This creates a kind of coexistence under the one umbrella. However, it does not even begin to leverage the potential that exists and cannot be compared to creating a joint group of companies like the Public Cloud Group,” said PCG CEO Schallhorn.

Instead, the Public Cloud Group’s management is making highly targeted investments in overarching areas that affect clients and their IT environments during their journey to a public cloud. Another important aspect of PCG is its structured, company-wide development of a shared culture and processes that contribute to a sustainable and long-lasting organizational structure.

“If you have the opportunity to build something ‘from scratch,’ you don’t need to consider existing structures and old issues as much. Rather, you can concentrate fully on what the market and therefore clients are and will be demanding,” said Oliver Schallhorn.

In addition to its laser focus on its clients and employees, PCG is also driven by corporate sustainability. “We make corporate IT fit for the future. When you look at the bigger picture, we believe that common decency requires us to do everything we can to contribute to a livable future for all.


Illustration 2: (left to right) Dagmar Z., Benny W., Maike F., Michael P., Alina S., Tom S., Vanessa V., Oliver S., Mark H., Nick D.

We are currently doing intensive work on the issue of corporate social responsibility (CSR) – for example, by compiling a sustainability report, rolling out CSR software, and studying our carbon footprint. This is just the start of everything that we as a company can do today,” said Schallhorn in conclusion.

Talented, young people who want to look outside the box and take on responsibility are finding it increasingly important that they work for a company that has purpose and an emphasis on sustainability. These people and their skills are the most important element of PCG’s plan for success.

Unique skill sets and not resources: PCG’s formula for expertise

Public Cloud Group practices a belief that the leading company for public cloud services is only as strong as its ability to equip itself is. This ability involves assembling groups of experts who complete projects in the optimal way for a client’s needs.

“However, experts don’t become experts simply by studying a particular thing or by gathering experience at a particular place. We invest in the most motivated and outstanding talent in the market,” said Oliver Schallhorn. Strategic plans for training and professional development; systematic knowledge transfer, and a culture where people empower each other and constantly learn from each other are all foundations of the PCG team’s expertise.

About Public Cloud Group (PCG)

Public Cloud Group (PCG) guides companies along their entire cloud journey through the use of public cloud solutions. As an experienced partner of all relevant hyperscalers (Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft), PCG holds the highest certifications of the respective providers and advises its customers independently.

In addition to Cloud Infrastructure and Modern Workplace, the relevant service areas of the Cloud Journey also include technological focus topics such as Data & AI, Security, Cloud-native Development, SAP Cloud Services and comprehensive operations, known as Managed Cloud Operations.

Today, PCG brings together the expertise of more than 400 cloud experts at numerous locations in Europe.

PCG's more than 1,150 customers include Allianz, BurgerKing, Flaconi, Generali, HelloFresh, KlassikRadio, Linde Group, Lorenz, McDonalds, myposter, N26, Veolia, Viessmann and many other companies, primarily from the upper midmarket as well as public and private educational institutions.

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