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My trainee journey at PCG

Who am I?

Hi there!

My name is Caroline Lutzke, I am 23 years old and come from near Hamburg. I am currently in the 3rd year of my apprenticeship as a digitalization management assistant at the Public Cloud Group (PCG).

The decision to start an apprenticeship in IT was a challenge for me at first. I had no IT knowledge from school, and none of my friends were interested in a career in IT. The idea of working in an industry that is largely dominated by men and the worry that I might not receive enough support or be ridiculed were big concerns at the beginning. But in the end, my fascination with the constantly advancing innovation and the limitless possibilities of the digital world prevailed.

PCG lives and breathes team spirit

Since my first day at Public Cloud Group, I have had the privilege of working in a dynamic and supportive environment that allows me to continuously grow and sharpen my skills.

What sets PCG apart from other companies is its exceptional culture of support and collaboration. From the very beginning, I was encouraged to do my best and could always count on the help of my team. Whether it's technical questions or support with my training tasks, there's always someone here to help me.

Another aspect that makes my time at PCG so special is the variety of opportunities that are offered to me. As a trainee, I can support a variety of projects and get to know different areas of the company. From developing new digital solutions to analyzing business processes - every task gives me the chance to learn new skills and develop personally.

My day between cloud development, marketing and sales

A typical working day at PCG, whether in the office or working from home, starts for me with a 15-minute meeting with my team members. Our team covers a wide range of topics, from pre-sales to sales and marketing to UI/UX design. In this meeting, we briefly share what tasks each of us has for the day, and we can discuss important topics at short notice, such as upcoming customer appointments. My main area of responsibility at the moment is to support my colleagues in Sales and Marketing. I take on essential tasks for them, such as researching potential customers, setting up an online trade fair stand or organizational tasks such as planning our team events. This has already allowed me to gain valuable experience in the various areas of my team.

Every working day is therefore a little different, as I support my colleagues with various tasks and make their day-to-day work easier by taking on these tasks. I also occasionally deal with technical topics, such as testing customer software. For my practical final exam, I wrote a project paper on testing tools and came to the conclusion that testing in cloud native development can/will be significantly simplified. This versatility of my training enables me to gain experience in different areas and continuously improve my skills.

Full potential without gender barriers

Now that I am about to complete my training, I can say with conviction that the IT industry is a field that is not just reserved for men.

As a woman, I have not only broadened my horizons at PCG, but also received outstanding support and recognition. The experience I have already gained has shown me that with courage and commitment, everyone can develop their full potential. I therefore encourage anyone who is interested in IT to follow this path and not be put off by any prejudices. Because here, in the world of digital innovation, there are endless opportunities to be successful and help shape the future.

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