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Trust nothing and no one! Cloud security

According to a Bitkom studyExternal Link, 90 percent of all German companies have already been the victim of a cyber attack. Theft of sensitive data or even sabotage of information and production systems, as well as overall economic damage of 200 billion euros per year, are the result of cybercrime. The bad news: the trend is rising!

But what’s the reason for this?

The ongoing digital transformation within companies is providing fertile ground for cybercriminals, creating attack vectors that organisations often fail to fully grasp. Moreover, the IT skills shortage is expected to worsen in the coming years, particularly in the realm of security, where there is already a pressing need for more personnel.

What can companies do?

Every organisation and every employee should be able to work productively, innovatively, and towards their goals without uncertainties. That's why we ensure the protection of our cloud customers.

How can we achieve this?

  • Zero trust approach
  • Raise awareness of security and compliance
  • Protect privacy

What does that mean exactly?

With a Zero-Trust approach, various security components are integrated to provide a holistic security solution. It's crucial to consistently apply an up-to-date and comprehensive security strategy to meet the company's requirements without compromising agility and resilience.

Every employee should know how to protect themselves online, which is exactly why we build awareness, so everyone can apply basic security and compliance measures. While IT security can sometimes be complex, it doesn't have to be. Each organisation can be individually assessed and trained. Our security check also provides initial insights into your company's security.

Data is sensitive and should be treated with the utmost care, only being used in expected ways.

When it comes to security, collaboration is key. Everyone in the company, whether it's the IT department, security and data protection officers, IT decision-makers, HR, or anyone using technology for work or leisure, can help counter threats. With the right cloud partner by your side, you not only secure your company against threats but also empower your entire team when it comes to security.

Hybrid working - Identity & Access Management

The transition between home office, office, or mobile work often poses a challenge for companies. Identity and access management must be secured, always and everywhere. This involves multi-factor and passwordless authentication, conditional access, and even Active Directory. These solutions are necessary to adhere to the Zero-Trust approach and ensure robust security every day. With Azure Sentinel, we enable customers to have a bird's-eye view of their organisation and analyse potential vulnerabilities. This way, possible security gaps can be closed early, and any weaknesses can be addressed.

Maintaining pole position in security

IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services are rapidly spreading within companies, allowing them to remain productive at all times. However, with the cloud-based working environment come associated risks that need to be mitigated. To enable businesses to secure their entire cloud infrastructure, complete transparency and secure workloads are essential. With our tools, you'll maintain pole position and always have an overview of your cloud security.

Modern security solutions are complex, but security shouldn't be complicated!

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