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Anatomy of Work 2023

The "Anatomy of Work Global Index" is an annual study conducted by GlobalWebIndex (GWI) on behalf of Asana, exploring the behavioural and attitudinal patterns of nearly 10,000 knowledge workers across seven countries.

The latest report on the anatomy of work for the year 2023 reveals that 58% of the workday is still spent on "work to do with work," which means coordinating tasks rather than engaging in actual strategic activities. This represents a significant waste of resources and time, highlighting the need for further improvement in collaboration. However, the report also demonstrates that collaboration within companies offers substantial benefits.

The ROI of Collaboration

One of the key benefits of collaboration is revenue growth. In companies that collaborate effectively, 55% of employees report an increase in revenue over the past three years, nearly double that of companies with poor collaboration.

Trust in your own strength

Additionally, employees in collaborative organisations feel 4x better prepared for new challenges (79%) than employees in less collaborative organisations.

The cost of insulation

92% of employees in collaborative organisations say their work has value - compared to just 50% of employees in less collaborative organisations.

Aimed at success

Another important factor for successful cooperation is clear, connected goals. Companies that have these goals are twice as prepared to meet customer needs (87%) as companies without clear goals.

The Anatomy of Work 2023 report as a basis for improved collaboration

If you are an organisation looking to improve your collaboration, download the report. With its deep insights into the current trends and challenges of the hybrid workplace, it will help you take the right steps to optimise your collaboration and succeed.

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