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Boosting Home Office Efficiency with Asana

Since the days of COVID-19, many people have been working from home whenever possible and, as it seems, remote work has come to stay. So, it's crucial to have efficient tools for coordinating tasks and teams to ensure productivity despite the new circumstances. It's vital to ensure that every employee has access to all the information needed to complete their tasks seamlessly. There are numerous tools on the market for this purpose, and Asana is among the most popular. But why is that?

Asana is considered one of the top project and task management tools due to its ease of use without extensive configuration. Furthermore, operated solely as Software as a Service (SaaS), it is versatile and can be used from anywhere. Whether it's agile project management following Scrum, organising marketing campaigns, or managing different teams, Asana offers a plethora of options and much needed convenience. Being a cloud-based application, it is location and device-independent – an ideal solution for mobile work or working from home.

Asana in daily use

As an Asana Solution Partner, we not only assist companies in implementing and effectively using Asana, but we also use it ourselves. For instance, we employ the tool for executing customer projects, planning social media marketing campaigns, and resource management.

This allowed us to transition to remote work during the current COVID-19 situation without compromising coordination and collaboration. Thanks to Asana, we can swiftly and easily manage projects, assign tasks, with responsibilities and deadlines always transparent.

Moreover, the project status is visible to all involved parties, changes can be tracked in real-time, and we can react promptly if adjustments are necessary. The fact that all information is structured and stored centrally, provides the added benefit of easily gaining an overview of our to-dos and deadlines.

This is especially helpful for colleagues who are also caring for their children at home, as they can manage their work time more flexibly. Furthermore, we offer our customers the opportunity to address tasks directly to us using Asana forms, eliminating the need for lengthy emails.

These tasks are managed with automated workflows, significantly reducing the coordination effort.

Linking with other products

Asana seamlessly integrates with many other products, such as G Suite, allowing us to combine the benefits of both worlds and enhance efficiency. With just a few clicks, you can transform an email into a new task and assign it directly to the appropriate project.

One particularly practical aspect of this integration is the ability to attach files directly from Google Drive. We've all been in situations where we're searching for the right file related to a task but can't remember where it's stored. This integration keeps all files task-specific in one place while still allowing them to be used across different tools.

All these functions and features help avoid significant delays in workflows, catch deadlines and offer services in a timely manner, despite any unusual circumstances

Of course, there are many other scenarios where Asana can improve processes, unrelated to pandemics and remote work. It's no wonder that so many companies place their trust in it, including Facebook, Google, and NASA.

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