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Microsoft 365 & Asana - dream team for everyday work


The world of work has changed dramatically in recent years and the right tools are crucial for working flexibly and efficiently in decentralized teams. This blog post focuses on the seamless integration of Asana and Microsoft 365 to optimize your workflows and increase productivity.

Asana - The tool for effective work management

Asana has established itself as one of the leading platforms for work management and offers teams the opportunity to organize projects, tasks and goals transparently. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Asana facilitates collaboration and increases productivity in companies of all sizes.

The synergy of Asana and Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the central collaboration platform for many companies worldwide. The integration of Microsoft 365 with Asana creates a connection between the two tools, allowing you to seamlessly switch between applications without interrupting your workflow.

Microsoft 365 applications with Asana integration

  • Asana and Microsoft Teams:

Convert your team's meetings and conversations directly into tasks in Asana. Collaborate on Asana tasks/projects and link workflows - without leaving Teams.

  • Asana and Outlook:

Turn emails into actionable tasks. When messages requiring action arrive by email, you can create the corresponding Asana tasks directly in Outlook and assign them to yourself or someone else, set a due date and add them to the corresponding project. You can also add emails to an existing Asana task.

  • Asana and OneDrive / Sharepoint:

Get direct access to OneDrive or SharePoint files in Asana for efficient collaboration on documents. Simply link your PowerPoint, Excel or Word file from OneDrive or SharePoint to Asana and use Asana rules to automatically upload a task attachment to a OneDrive folder.

  • Asana and Microsoft Calendar:

With the "Sync to Calendar" integration, you can more easily meet deadlines by transferring your Asana tasks with due dates to your Outlook calendar. You can synchronize individual projects or the "My Tasks" list with the calendar. Tasks with due dates will appear as an all-day event. Then click on an event to go to the task in Asana. Note that calendar synchronization from Asana to your calendar is one-way, meaning that updates to your calendar will not be reflected in Asana.

  • Asana and PowerBI :

Create dashboards based on Asana data to get real-time overviews of projects and workflows. You can use team goals to monitor and analyze progress to counteract bottlenecks if necessary. Thanks to the integration, your data in Asana can be supplemented with information from other important business tools to get a complete snapshot of team performance.

Conclusion: More efficiency through integration

The integration of Microsoft 365 with Asana enables smooth collaboration and increases the efficiency of your teams. By connecting the two powerful platforms, you create a comprehensive working environment that allows you to focus on the essentials: Driving your projects forward and completing them successfully.

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As a long-standing Asana Solutions Partner, we support companies in the introduction and efficient use of Asana. In addition to a free 30-day trial version, we offer

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  • Process and project consulting
  • Customized development and automation
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