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We Manage Your Google Workspace for Education Environment

For schools and universities, the secure use of digital tools often means a high administrative burden for IT staff or even individual teachers.

With our Google Workspace for Education service, we address precisely this challenge in everyday teaching. With predefined service packages, we take the burden off your IT or teaching staff by taking over the management of your digital classroom environment and optimising settings according to your individual requirements.

Read our blog post to learn more about the benefits of a Google Workspace for Education environment managed by us, and learn which educational institutions can benefit from the all-inclusive package.

The advantages

You benefit from our expertise and experience

As a Google Cloud or Google for Education partner, we have already supported numerous companies and educational institutions in introducing Google Workspace for Education. This gives us the necessary know-how and experience to free you from managing your user accounts.

Lightening the Load for IT Administrators

A major advantage of managed cloud operations for Google Workspace is obvious: your IT managers — often teachers — have more time to concentrate on everyday school or university life.

Tips and tricks with Google Workspace for Education

Take advantage of educator and/or staff training that teaches Google Workspace for Education tips and tricks.


You can also benefit from maximum security thanks to experienced experts, fast response times and security workshops.

More speed

Our experienced IT experts will provide you with quick support with automated and secure processes, e.g. B. when creating new users.

Always stay up-to-date

The cloud-based applications from Google Workspace for Education are constantly receiving new functions and setting options. We therefore inform you regularly about new updates so that you can benefit from new options, improve processes and make data even more secure.

Which kinds of educational institutions would find Google Workspace for Education managed by PCG relevant?

This offer is particularly suitable for educational institutions that do not have the capacity and/or know-how to constantly and securely manage their Google Workspace for Education environment themselves.

In many cases, educational staff take care of the administration and setup of digital solutions. For this, they have to spend additional hours. With our support, you no longer have to worry about functioning administration and maintenance.

In addition, the Managed Cloud Operations Service can also be of interest to schools and educational institutions with their own IT department in order to think outside the box. This means that you are always up to date and are supported by our IT experts.

For which institutions is it not particularly suitable?

Of course, it's also interesting to know which companies should take on the management and maintenance of your Google Workspace environment themselves. On the one hand, these are educational institutions that already have an internal administration. They should be able to continue their education regularly and exchange ideas with others.

On the other hand, this can be the case if the use of Google Workspace for Education is very limited. For example, if you only use Gmail for sending and receiving e-mails and tend to ignore other tools, you will not benefit to the extent that a managed cloud operations contract would be worthwhile.

Launch and manage Google Workspace for Education with our experts from PCG.

Are you thinking about letting us manage your Google Workspace for Education environment? Read more about our various Google Workspace for Education services. We would be happy to advise you without obligation. Contact us now!

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