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Nucleus Research Report: Cut Project Time in Half with Asana

The cloud-based work management tool Asana is one of the leading platforms for team collaboration and project management. The recently published Nucleus Research ReportExternal Link shows the impact of Asana on employee productivity. The reportExternal Link is based on a survey of Asana users and an analysis of data from their use of the platform.

Increase in productivity

According to the report, companies that used Asana were able to reduce their project time by 20-50%. These time savings could again increase project workload by 15-25% without the need for additional staff. This was mainly achieved by improving team communication and collaboration. With Asana, teams can quickly and easily delegate tasks, track progress, and provide feedback. The ability to organise all tasks and conversations in a common space simplifies communication and increases transparency.

More flexibility

Another important aspect of the report is the ease with which Asana can be customised to meet the specific needs of each organisation. The platform offers a wide range of features and capabilities that can be used to map different project management methods. This allows you to take into account individual company needs and ways of working.

Increase employee satisfaction

The Nucleus Research Report also shows that companies using Asana spend up to 50% less time holding meetings and exchanging emails. Instead, they can focus on working on their tasks and use their time more effectively. This leads not only to greater efficiency, but also to higher job satisfaction and employee motivation.

More successful execution

Another important finding of the report is that companies that use Asana are more successful in implementing projects. They are able to complete projects faster and fewer delays occur. This is because the platform allows teams to better plan, organise and track the current status of their work. In addition, better transparency helps avoid misunderstandings in the first place. On average, this has reduced errors by 30% for Asana users.


The Nucleus Research Report provides impressive evidence of the impact of technology on business productivity. It clearly shows that the use of team collaboration and project management platforms such as Asana can have a significant positive effect. Companies looking to optimise their work processes and improve their team collaboration, should therefore consider using a platform like Asana.

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