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Sump & Stammer's digital transformation

About Sump & Stammer

With a portfolio that ranges from first-class meat products to a variety of catering supplies, Sump & Stammer supplies cruise ships all over the world. As part of the renowned Transgourmet Group, the company stands for quality and an excellent customer experience. In the spirit of operational excellence, they strive for the best possible processes to optimally fulfil customer requirements.

The Challenge
The implementation of Microsoft Power Apps by PCG was a great benefit for our company. Not only does it allow us to significantly increase our efficiency in the procurement process, but it also provides us with a solid foundation for future growth and innovation. This change has enabled us to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world.
Torben Lange
Purchasing Manager
Sump & Stammer

In a market characterised by rapid change and high demands, Sump & Stammer was faced with an outdated core process that was manual and therefore time-consuming. In today's world, where speed and precision can make all the difference, it became clear that a transformation of the tendering process was essential.

At a glance

  • Modernisation of the manual core process
  • Coping with the high demands and rapid changes in the market
  • Development of a customised, cloud-based solution
  • Integration of Microsoft Power Platform on Azure into the existing process
  • Managing the workload of employees by significantly speeding up the process
  • Ensuring analytics and reporting for well-founded decisions
  • Implementation of Microsoft Power Apps as the basis for future digitalisation
  • Continuous improvement of the platform and integration of new functions to adapt to market changes and increase customer satisfaction
The Solution

The Public Cloud Group developed an innovative solution by utilising Microsoft Power Platform in combination with Microsoft Azure and a modern database solution to create a customised, cloud-based application. This platform improved Sump & Stammer's entire core process by creating the conditions for automated tendering phases and an efficient, transparent and error-free environment.

The new solution will allow the process to be over 40% faster in the future, which not only saves time, but also reduces the workload of employees and allows them to focus on strategic decisions. In addition, analytics and reporting are now also possible, providing valuable insights into performance data and trends, among other things, enabling Sump & Stammer to make informed decisions and further optimise the business.

Results and Benefits

With the introduction of Microsoft Power Apps, Sump & Stammer has laid the foundation for a more far-reaching digital strategy. The company is now looking to a future in which the further digitalisation of business processes will lead to even greater efficiency. The collaboration with PCG will continue in order to continuously improve the platform and integrate new functions that will enable the company to react quickly to changes in the market and increase customer satisfaction.

From the outset, the collaboration between Sump & Stammer and PCG was characterised by a deep understanding of the company's challenges and objectives. PCG acted not just as a service provider but as a strategic partner, working closely with Sump & Stammer to ensure that the technology solution was tailored to the company's needs and processes. Regular meetings and continuous dialogue ensured a smooth transition from the old to the new processes.

About PCG

Public Cloud Group (PCG) supports companies in their digital transformation through the use of public cloud solutions.

With a product portfolio designed to accompany organisations of all sizes in their cloud journey and competence that is a synonym for highly qualified staff that clients and partners like to work with, PCG is positioned as a reliable and trustworthy partner for the hyperscalers, relevant and with repeatedly validated competence and credibility.

We have the highest partnership status with the three relevant hyperscalers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Microsoft. As experienced providers, we advise our customers independently with cloud implementation, application development, and managed services.

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