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Why am I actually doing this?

For many employees, work is more than just a means to earn money; they seek a job that allows them to make a difference, a place where they can contribute meaningfully.

A good employer - and one who wants results delivered - listens to their employees, understands their goals and aspirations, and aligns them with the company's objectives. When employees feel valued and can pursue their individual goals, their motivation and enthusiasm for work are significantly higher than when their individuality is not considered.

With Viva Goals, companies can align their employees' personal contributions with their strategic objectives.

Why am I actually doing this?

The Work Trend Index highlights that for nearly 80 percent of employers, it's crucial to instil a sense of purpose and significance in the work their employees do. This is excellent because only when individuals grasp the scope and importance of their work can they fully commit and approach each day with motivation.

When employees ask themselves, 'Why am I doing this?' employers have a valuable opportunity to explain the meaningful nature of their roles, demonstrate it, and share the outcomes. This kindles enthusiasm and fosters dedicated and productive work towards the company's goals.

We all recognise that when there's a clear goal in sight, work becomes a purposeful endeavour, rather than just a matter of clocking hours. According to the index, approximately 70 percent of employees share this perspective – they are focused on achieving results. However, this statement signifies more than mere alignment with the previous point. It implies that around 70 percent of all employees identify with the company and its objectives, actively seeking to contribute to both the company's growth and their personal development.

What more could an employer aspire to?

Viva Goals helps unify personal and strategic business goals.

This platform is part of a broader framework, consisting of four components: Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning, and Viva Topics. These elements aim to enhance the employee experience by promoting better communication, well-being, and seamless access to knowledge in day-to-day business operations. Viva Goals, a new addition to this suite, is dedicated to defining and managing goals. This extension is set to be included in the Viva Suite starting from Q3 2022.

With this new module, teams and individuals can align their own objectives with those of the company, providing employers with a clear understanding of their employees' individual goals. This enables teams to concentrate on their work, make informed decisions, and achieve the desired outcomes for the company. Viva Goals facilitates the precise alignment of focus on each participant's objectives. Employees, company leadership, and internal stakeholders can set goals, track progress, and jointly witness growth.

As a result, shared processes and associated meetings become personalised for each participant. The attention is directed towards a common yet individual goal, and efforts are channelled accordingly. The analysis provides insights into potential improvements and opportunities for both the company and every individual involved.

Employee experience and transparency

Foster a richer employee experience and transparency within your organisation to fuel growth and enthusiasm. Currently, Viva Goals is already integrated into Microsoft Teams, Azure DevOps, and various other work management tools. Further integrations are in the pipeline, including ones with Viva, Power BI, and other Microsoft 365 applications. This expansion aims to enhance the accessibility and usability of Viva Goals across different Microsoft platforms, providing a seamless experience for users and promoting engagement within the organisation.

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