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Burger King Germany relies on ChromeOS in the Back Office


Burger King Germany GmbH equips its branches with ChromeOS devices to digitise various office tasks and improve collaboration. With the support of PCG X Google and thanks to Zero Touch Enrollment, individual locations receive pre-configured Chromebooks without any need for further handling by the IT department.

About Burger King

As a global fast food chain, Burger KingExternal Link welcomes more than 11 million customers around the world every day. The company entered the German market in 1976, when it opened its first restaurant in Berlin. Today, Burger King operates more than 130 company-owned restaurants in Germany and a further 620 restaurants through franchisees.

Restaurants worldwide
Daily guests worldwide
The Challenge

Burger King Germany GmbH wanted to renew the outdated IT infrastructure in the restaurants during the investment cycle. Previously, the cash register system and PCs used for office tasks accessed the same local server. Moreover, the Windows PCs were often underperforming, leading to occasional usage restrictions.

With the aim of separating systems for cash registers and back office and enabling smooth communication, the search was on for secure and easily manageable devices. These devices were meant to serve employees for receiving video training, retrieving personnel documents, or even conducting product checks and recording data digitally. Since Burger King Germany GmbH uses Google Workspace, a cloud-based collaboration platform, they ultimately decided to introduce ChromeOS devices.

The Solution

The restaurant chain purchased 150 Acer Chromebooks 314 for its branches and is also planning to deploy Chromeboxes. Devices designed for the cloud can be managed centrally online, and admins can enforce policies restricting local program installations. Integrated antivirus and automatic updates make the devices extremely secure.

IT Manager Oliver Mielentz is particularly impressed with the Zero Touch Enrollment. Restaurant managers only need to connect the device to WiFi, and all settings and BK designs are automatically applied. With the device, on-site employees can access personnel documents via a Google Sites-created intranet page or undergo training at the Burger King University. Video calls via Google Meet with supervisors are also easily feasible. Additionally, product data such as shelf life or temperature is recorded digitally, eliminating the previous need for paper-based recording.

Results and Benefits

Thanks to Zero Touch Enrollment, deploying the ChromeOS devices involves minimal effort for the IT department. Additionally, even less tech-savvy employees easily adapt to the pre-configured devices and can get started right away.

Cost-effectiveness is another advantage, as Chromebooks are significantly cheaper than conventional laptops. The straightforward video training enhances employee work quality, and communication between the headquarters and branches is now much simpler.

Overall, Burger King Germany GmbH has made back-office processes more digital, benefiting from faster workflows. This allows employees to focus more on their primary tasks.

"PCG X Google handles device shipping, and thanks to Zero Touch Enrollment, the devices are already pre-configured. This is extremely practical for us."

-Oliver Mielentz IT Manager, Burger King Germany GmbH

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