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Secure End Devices for Factory with Google Chrome Enterprise

Managing devices at factory locations can be quite a challenge for many manufacturing companies. It often involves dealing with various manufacturers, operating systems, and patch levels, all while relying on users themselves. Keeping devices up to date becomes a manual and complex task. This not only impacts employee efficiency and satisfaction but also leaves vulnerabilities for malware or potential cybercriminal activities.

As a result, IT managers invest a significant amount of time in manually patching and updating numerous distributed devices, including firmware, operating systems, utilities, drivers, browsers, and applications. This not only escalates IT administration costs but also consumes valuable IT resources.

Cloud-native endpoint security as a game changer

To address the widespread device management challenges, the option of cloud-based device management offers a practical solution. Monitoring and updating software through a central cloud platform are far more convenient than managing it locally on numerous devices. You no longer need to be present on-site or handle each device individually. Therefore, it's crucial to adopt a cloud-native approach to enhance security while simultaneously reducing the costs and efforts involved in IT administration.

Google Chrome Enterprise as a cloud-native solution for data security and centralised device management

Cloud computing offers companies the chance to rethink the traditional endpoint security model, leading to significant improvements in endpoint security and simplified device management.

Google Chrome Enterprise capitalises on cloud computing advantages. Migrating data and applications to the cloud allows for straightforward, centralised management, reducing vulnerability to unwanted access and malware. Additionally, the cloud-native approach enables the introduction of new and innovative security and management features, including:

  • Hardware and firmware integrated security features
  • Effective implementation of sandboxing and user-level encryption
  • Seamless and rapid operating system updates
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure browsing for factory workers
  • Application whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Centralised deployment of security policies
  • Streamlined management of all devices

Whitepaper: Cloud-native Security for Endpoints

For more background on the cloud-native endpoint security approach and why Chrome Enterprise is the ideal solution, read the whitepaper "Cloud-Native Security for Endpoints - Chrome Enterprise's innovative approach to protecting data and simplifying IT managementExternal Link".

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