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Implementing Cloud-Based Work Management with Asana

The introduction of the cloud-based work management tool Asana can fundamentally change the way companies collaborate. The easy coordination of tasks, the clarity about responsibilities, deadlines and goals as well as the reduction of "work about work" – all of which help increase employee productivity and speed up processes. However, implementing a new tool is always a challenge. To ensure the project’s long-term success, it therefore makes sense to test it beforehand – and preferably under the guidance of experts. In this blog post, you will learn why a guided evaluation offers enormous added value, especially for medium-sized and large companies.

The introduction of Asana, the cloud-based work management tool, has the potential to revolutionise how businesses collaborate. Its ability to streamline task coordination, clarify responsibilities, deadlines, and objectives, while reducing unnecessary work, can significantly boost employee productivity and accelerate processes. However, adopting a new tool poses its own set of challenges. To ensure sustained project success, it's advisable to conduct prior testing, ideally with expert guidance. In this blog post, we'll explore why a guided evaluation can provide substantial benefits, particularly for medium and large enterprises.

A fool with a tool is still a fool

According to the motto “A fool with a tool is still a fool”, one should first take a closer look at a tool in order to be able to make an informed decision about its usefulness. After all, it is not very useful to claim that an application does not add value without having used it properly. Testing therefore requires either personal effort or the knowledge of experts.

A guided evaluation is like a city tour

Imagine you want to get to know a city. You can do this on your own or with a guided city tour. Both can be interesting and lead to success in their own way. However, if you want to ensure that you don't miss the most important and beautiful places with limited time, you opt for a guided tour. Without prior knowledge, you might wander through Cologne, for example, without seeing the cathedral. Moreover, a good tour guide knows hidden gems that are worth seeing away from the tourist crowds.

Asana – The Metropolis of Project Management Tools

Although the basic functions such as creating a project or assigning tasks are very straightforward and intuitive, Asana is much more than a simple project management tool. You can choose various views, define dependencies, set goals, view reports, and much more. That's why it's referred to as a work management tool. Comparatively, if we draw a parallel to a city tour, Asana is more like a metropolis than a small town.

For someone who has never experienced Asana before, this powerful tool might initially seem overwhelming. Overwhelm can quickly lead to frustration, which isn't a good foundation for effectively using a new tool. In a guided evaluation, you not only learn about various features step by step, but we also show you best practices for mapping different workflows with Asana.

Customise Asana to your needs

Thanks to its extensive features, Asana can accommodate complex workflows. This allows you to tailor Asana to your individual requirements and needs. During a guided evaluation, we show you Asana based on specific use cases and assess whether the work management tool truly suits you. Think of us as the city guide who introduces the city to you based on your personal preferences.

View the implementation of Asana from different angles

Apart from the functionality itself, several other factors are relevant for the successful introduction of a digital tool. Therefore, we can examine the implementation from various perspectives together with you:

  • Business: We look at how introducing Asana affects your business processes and evaluate the work management tool based on real use cases.
  • IT: Together, we assess how to successfully roll out Asana. This includes deployment planning as well as a detailed examination of admin features.
  • Change: As part of a change management workshop, we define the necessary steps together to establish Asana and the underlying processes successfully within the company.

Guided Asana Evaluation with PCG

As an experienced Asana Solutions Partner, we have already assisted numerous companies in implementing efficient work management with Asana (e.g., ZalandoExternal Link). The guided Asana evaluation with our experts lasts for 30 days and includes individual use cases, office hours, and workshops. Benefit from our expertise and book your "city tour." You can find more information and the costs on our service page for Asana Work Management in the Cloud.

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