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Work Management Instead of Project Chaos

"What, by when, and where did my boss want me to complete that task again?! Do I need to inform anyone else?"

These are questions that many colleagues ask themselves day in and day out when it comes to their daily work or project tasks. There are almost countless tools in use and each department or team uses a different one. Independent work functions perfectly within the team, but collaborative work across teams is no longer possible due to the multitude of applications being used.

The solution: Only use one tool for collaborative work management!

But what does work management actually mean?

The objective is to facilitate seamless networking and collaboration. Our emphasis here is on the 'how' – how to efficiently handle company-wide tasks and projects and achieve objectives. This encompasses a holistic approach to planning, projects, and processes.

In contrast, project management primarily centres on the project itself. Typically, it involves the coordination and oversight of tasks and goals by a project leader or manager. When you delve into it, this is essentially a component of work management. Activities like clearly defining milestones, establishing time frames, and ensuring traceability are all integral to project management.

Work Management leads to success

The effectiveness of introducing Work Management can be seen through the example of our client Viessmann: An Introduction to Work ManagementExternal Link.

Work Management brings together context and collaboration within your team, providing clarity on what needs to be done, how, and where. The centralised documentation of pending and completed tasks and projects enhances transparency, resulting in increased efficiency within your teams. Through integrations, you can seamlessly connect previously used tools with Asana, enabling company-wide and location-independent work.

Maybe you already practise Work Management - but are you doing it right?

Now, consider your own processes: Do you work cross-departmentally, company-wide, remotely, or collaborate with external parties? Ask yourself how many tools you're currently using and how much time you spend searching for information. In essence, you are already practising Work Management or Project Management to some extent. But is this being done in a centralised and efficient manner? Bring clarity to your organised chaos by effectively implementing Work Management.

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Empower your organisation with efficient work management, starting with our 30-day guided free trial. Includes: Asana licence consultation & procurement, technical assistance for implementation & integration, process & project consultation, custom development & automation, and end-user & admin training.

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